About the Founder

Vicky Kalara brings with him more than two decades of rounded, multi-disciplinary experience in Leadership Hiring, Leadership & Life Coaching and Competency Assessment.  Before he founded HR Dimensions in 2001, he was associated an eminent behavioural scientist, a distinguished professor from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad who ran a reputed Business Consulting firm in Mumbai. Vicky was the Profit Centre Head for the Executive Search & Assessment Services Division of that organization.

As an Executive Search professional his forte has been Leadership hiring, He has finalized large number of C- Suite and Country Manager level appointments for top ranking corporates in industry domains and geographies. He has in-depth understanding of the business and management dynamics of various industries, needs of demanding clients, expertise in targeted search, assessment techniques and the intricacies of human behaviour. His strength lies in identifying, assessing, and moving outstanding talent (individuals who are not in the job market) to his client organisations. This has been possible because of his ability to integrate psychological sciences with management sciences in a manner such that the engagement and communication with such individuals went beyond the conventional recruitment narrative. His knowledge and understanding of competency-based recruitment and assessment has paid rich dividends to various clients.

Vicky is an International Coach Federation certified coach (ACC), a Marshal Goldsmith certified coach, a qualified psycho-therapist (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), a Transactional Analyst, a Competency Assessor (XLRI certified), a certified Master EI & NLP practitioner, and a topper in the discipline of Life Sciences from MS University, Baroda, India. He also has a certification and formal background in Psychometric Assessment.

As a Leadership & Life Coach, given his multi-dimensional background, Vicky uses different methodologies  and designs bespoke protocols to partner with individuals to create a sense of purpose in their lives, challenge their self-limiting beliefs, widen their perspectives, enhance their potential, and enrich their professional and personal lives. He passionate about Performance Coaching, especially managing coaching engagements during disruptive times. Apart from coaching corporate leaders, business owners and others in their individual capacities, he has also worked on demanding mandates from Corporates to coach their senior and top management executives.

His proclivities include serious reading covering various disciplines i.e. Coaching, Business & Management, Science & Technology, Psychology, Self-Development, and Spirituality. He loves writing and blogging.